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How can i deal with negative review

Buyer did not understand me and he put 3 Stars,
I offer him extra money for some extra work
but he thinks i offered him for revisions , actually i didnt
i message him that i will revision till your satisfaction but he do not Come online,
what should i do now?

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I recommend that you find a way to be content with the 3-star review you received, and move on to your next order. Perhaps this experience can be a lesson in how to better communicate with future buyers.

Thanks but how can i resolve this issue now? buyer rated 5 star for communication

You can always ask your buyer to modify their review via the Resolution Center. My advice, however, remains… learn to accept reviews that are less than 5 stars, and learn from this experience so that communication goes more smoothly in future orders.

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Thank for your help, jonbaas

To me, it’s just offering the best services I’m capable of delivering in time! In that way, the buyer won’t get a chance to give a negative feedback.

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Just as @jonbaas said , cultivated the habit of taking your reviews the way you see them. Better reviews will come your way if you tackle bigorously the reason behind negative reviews.
I understand that negative reviews can be tiring but just keep up the good work always.

Getting a review that is lower than you want can hurt, but it can also help you get better. Next time, make it impossible for a buyer to give you a less-than 5-star review by giving more than you promise, be great to work with, and show a positive attitude. Do excellent work and you will be recognized for it. Make your clients’ satisfaction your goal so they wouldn’t even think of working with anyone else and you will make money (which should be the main goal here if you consider yourself a business) and build repeat clients.