How can i deal with that ? Can you help me?



I work on blogger templates style editing and so … One of my repeat buyers asked me for a job in his blog i already have started my work before order depending on that his have bought from me twice so i thought i can trust him.

But now the job is done, He didn’t order any gigs, He goes online and ignore my messages even he have just delivered gigs since few days i mean he is online.

What should i do ? should i contact Fiverr support ??

Thanks in advance


Sorry, that’s your fault if you do the work upfront.



That sucks but you will have to take it as a lesson learned. You should NEVER do work upfront - for anyone. I sometimes start preliminary research or proofing work from my repeat buyers (ordered 10 or more gigs one after the other) but I would never tell them I started the work as they might think its a freebie and not include it in their order or, in your case, not order at all.

I’d try being polite one more time, just explaining you have done the work and that you’d be grateful if they could send an order too as it will mess up your orders if not? Politeness is always the best option to get what you want and it also helps if Customer Support get involved as well.


What did the buyer say? Did you send them the finished work? I would let them know that you did finish the work and am happy to deliver it once the gig is purchased.

Aside from that, this was a mistake. Never do work until an actual gig is ordered and paid for.

Why would the buyer ask you to do work without ordering a gig like they did in the past?


I have not used Fiverr yet, but I think that the answer will probably be that you did not have a contract with him…in fact, they could probably say that you solicited business outside of Fiverr. I do not know what their stand is on that…as in you get a gig from a person, complete the work, then go to him outside of fiverr for more work, with the possibility of being paid outside of the fiverr website. It would be like selling a taco to a person, then seeing him on the street later, and him saying “Oh, I would love a taco…can you make one for me?” There is no contract, as he has not paid, unless he were to say something like “if you make one for me, I will pay x (or pay at the restaurant).” You could say that you would make the taco, and take it to him, and collect the money and bring it back, but unless there was a specific agreement (and some places would say that you also had to have made the company aware), then there was no contract.

I am sorry, but without knowing his words, and your conversation back and forth…you started on a project to get a jump on it, which is good…but sadly, the customer got cold feet, and it’s hard to say, but you really can’t go further with it through fiverr, as they had nothing to do with that request and followup work.

I wish I could say that you had footing…we all need the money, and the confidence boost. I guess I could say look at it from as good of a position as you can…you have the information, and portion of the work done, if he does contact you…you have it if it can be used or modified for another potential customer, or lastly…you got “practice” with what you did.

If you want to be vindictive…you could go to social media, and let people know he did not complete his bargain, as you perceived it…but you may loose business from people ordering on fiverr, if they see that social blasting…and if it is a no-no with fiverr, or if they do not like that negative publicity, they might close your account.

I wish I had better to say…good luck.



That already happened to me too. A client that I worked with in the past screwed me over on the 4 th order and ended up never paying me. Let it go, move on there is nothing you can do about it except learn from it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. I have got your ideas and I’ll build my next steps according to them.

Thanks again