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How can I deal with these buyers


I am relatively a new seller in Fiverr, and this frustrates me already. This is the second (and I don’t think it’s the last) time it happens.

A buyer messaged me to work in his server, we agreed on what I will do, I sent him a custom offer, he accepted and sent the server credentials, I started working on it immediately, after a couple of days I finished what I was supposed to do, there was a very little detail that I couldn’t do myself because he didn’t provide the root access for the server, so I asked him to either do it or provide root access.

Guess what? He asked me to cancel because he “thought that the work is not enough and will not do x and it is a waste of time”, even though that’s literally what we agreed that I will do.

He got exactly what he wanted and his money back, and I ended up wasting my time working for free.


Sorry to hear about your situation, I’ve dealt with it as well.

What I would recommend is utilizing your F.A.Q or place within your gig description certain things that are required to complete a (fill in the type of order). That way it’s not something that they feel is a surprise, it’s posted within your description in case you want to contest the cancellation, etc.

Also what has helped me is by increasing my rate. By having a higher rate it deters these types of buyers because of the fees for the order.

Let me know if that helps and as always keep your head up.


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Its actually true but it might not work all the time. You just to know everything in life is full of ups and down, sometimes you get the best buyer and sometime… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Omg? Really? That is so bad! Something need to change on Fiverr i think, maybe client need to pay deposit before get started work? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not knowing what the project was makes it hard to give advice.

If you did what you were paid to do, then you should tell that to your buyer. If you’re paid to do 2 things, you don’t have to deliver 3. In fact, sometimes over delivering can backfire and instead of getting a tip, you get a refund request.

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Hi, was the root access 100% required? Any way to work within a staging environment, use a service like blogvault to migrate without root access? Maybe best to ask for the least amount of credentials and if you ask for the logins after the order is placed, you will always run a risk to face cancellations. Make sure you make it VERY clear in advance which logins you need, why you need them and how they can protect their site once you are done with your work. Migrate your work only once the buyer seems to be good with the result.

To hire a dev requires lots of trust, try to make it as easy and transparent as possible.

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Even if I told him that I have already finished I could get a 1 star review to ruin my profile, so I just agreed to cancel.

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Yes. It was very clear from the beginning that I will require root access, also it wasn’t a live production server but a testing environment.

Point is, root access wasn’t his problem, he got everything he wanted in his server so why wouldn’t he just get his money back too?

If the order is already cancelled, there is not much you can do. However, for future projects, maybe you can work on your own server environment versus working directly on the client’s end. This does not prevent cancellations buy may reduce your risk to work for free. If you go that route, let them know ahead of time that you will have to pull the site to your server - for them it shoudn’t make a difference.

Sorry this happened to you but, obviously it happened. Move one, there is nothing to do now, don’t look into ways of vendetta :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the advice, I’ll be doing that from now on. Also thanks @jwaynevo the FAQ tip might come handy too!

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Every story has 2 sides and in this forum we usually hear only one side.

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Sure it’s all by chance… However, by making adjustments piece by piece within your gig you have a better chance eliminating or minimizing these types of events. Keep in mind that it’s a global platform. $5 within the U.S. has far different economic impact compared to say Pakistan. Thus, the buyer may expect more OR less…