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How can I declare my income TAX from Fiverr for France


i am a graphic designer in France, I have been using Fiverr since beginning of April, 2017
and I am aware that Fiverr applied VAT ( tax ) charge on my service, even i dont have a VAT number
I am just wondering If I still need to declear on income for France?
or Fiverr would send my tax to France?
How does it work. please help me!



I believe you should file your income from Fiverr along with any regular income you have. Not sure about the rules in France though. I would check with the tax office in your country, just to be on the safe side.

You might be able to contact them of find more information on their portal:

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it is really a nice topic. and we all need a help about it paying tex by nation. i hope fiverr gave us guideline.


and when fiverr asked my location, I said i am located in france, and they automitically applied VAT tax to me… acutally they took away 20% of my earnnings… is that same for you guys too? for example, if my gig worth 100, acutally i can only get 80.

Fiverr takes 20% commission from all sellers. This is NOT a tax, but the commission Fiverr takes. It’s their cut for providing the service.

Meaning if you have an order for 100 USD; you will get paid out 80 USD.

It’s not up to Fiverr to pay your taxes, nor is it up to Fiverr to provide guidelines for this, because they are ever-changing, and varies from country to country.

When you work as a freelancer, there is a set of guidelines, regulations, and laws about this in each country; how much tax you need to pay, how you pay it, etc. This is your personal responsibility to solve, just like it is for anyone holding a normal day job.

It’s simple, really; get in touch with your local tax office, explain that you wanna work as a freelancer, and ask for information about the tax there. :slight_smile:


You can get some information on this post.
Do you file taxes for Fiverr?

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thanks for your input! very helpful! then i misunderstood from the beginning, When Fiverr asked about my VAT, i thought it took some tax away. okay. I will contact my local office then.