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How can i delete my inactive gig?

hello in my account 6 gig active and now i create new one but i can’t able to do this. so please tell me how i delete my inactive gig. this inactive gig not show in my account

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Go to you profile where you see your gigs listed. You should have options for each such as Edit, Preview, Statistics. On the bottom of the gig box there is an Advanced link. Click this, then click Delete at the bottom.

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Just put it on pause x

If it never shows >6 in total for all categories combined (active/pending/draft etc.) even after refreshing the page, you could contact CS as it might be a bug if it’s stopping you from adding another (ie. if it thinks somewhere you’ve got a 7th).

Also you’re only supposed to have 1 gig for each service you have. ie. you’re not really supposed to have >1 gig with just the words in the title rearranged but really for the same thing.

Thank you @whitingvo but that is the problem, not seen that inactive gig only visible active 6 gig

thank you @uk1000 i found only inactive gig name in “Help & Support” section

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go to profile then select gigs then on the right side of your gig there is option where you can delete your gig


Is the problem sorted by Fiverr customer support?

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