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How can I delete my post?


I want to delete one of my post in fiverr. How can I do this?



Nope. I think the tips format is perfect the way it is. If tips were not subject to Fiverr’s 20%, then unscrupulous sellers would be able to use the tips feature for payments, and get around Fiver’s 20%.

Any sales or tips that you make allow you to keep 80% and Fiverr to have 20%. I think that’s more than fair. I work with other non-Fiverr sales platforms that are not nearly as generous.

I can’t help feeling that those sellers who complain about sharing their earnings with the website that let’s them host their freelances services on their site, are being a bit greedy. Sellers essentially have a partnership with Fiverr. Fiverr lets them host their services, in exchange for 20% of all earnings. That sounds like a fantastic deal to me!


When you joined Fiverr you agreed to their Terms of Service… Which includes 20% of all sales including tips. Nuff said!


No…if tip is free some sellers don’t take $$ on order they take on tips so that they can ignore the 20% charge…:blush:


No, tips shouldn’t be free, because dishonest sellers would almost immediately start abusing the system to trick buyers into markers orders as finished before anything was delivered.


Tips should also have fees


What about a medium ground. If the tip is more than the original order fee then comission is chargeable. Do not forget fiverr can access your account at anytime so cheaters would be caught if they tried to take advantage



Got it. Many thanks for clarifying.


Don’t waste your time on ungenerous thing. Focus on your work - and Don’t think - you’re getting only 80% - Just think positive like - you’re getting 100% - As your gig sells is $4 only - Not 5.!! It will help you to keep positive way :slight_smile:


No, I do not think if Fiverr takes commission from your earnings. It is even providing you a platform where you can market your services. So, it is not a big deal at all if Fiverr seems Little greedy :wink: this is its right!

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