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How can i develop my skill when i have no offer or order?


i have a lot of skills but at present i have no project. so i am loosing my skill and knowledge day by day. so please give me advice "how can i develop my skill when i have no offer or order?"
Thank you

By Request: Portraits by jonbaas

i dont now men, just practice if you want to grow your skills… fiverr its more for get some bucks, not for make you a better person or a better profesional… just practice to be better than you can.


Because you’re getting older and forgetting stuff? :slight_smile:

You offer social media marketing and SEO service. Try it on your own gig first.
If you don’t know how to market your skills then hire someone to do it for you.
It takes money to make money :wink:

PS. Stealing from others won’t help you either.
Also logo design experts don’t use paint 3D. I’m not trying to be mean here, but there’s a long way to go before you can call yourself an expert. Reach out to fellow designers in various communities if you’re not sure what level of quality customers expect today.


Because you’re getting older and forgetting stuff?

:smiley: you make my day :slight_smile: … hahaha


How about trying some online courses?


To be honest, this is one of the most ridiculous things I hear new sellers say. You don’t need to have sales to improve your skills. Just practice… improve your skills on your own. I draw realistic graphite portraits. I’ve sold many for hundreds of dollars – but I still draw my own portraits for fun (i.e., just for me). And, even though I’m not being paid for my own portraits, I’m still improving and developing my drawing skills.

Yes, we all want to make money doing what we do. But you don’t need money to improve your skills and become better at what you do.

Stop using no sales as an excuse.


Don’t want to be rude but Fiverr isn’t a place you come to improve your skills. You come here to sell skills you’ve honed.

I oddly wanna see one of those.


thanks a lot for your advice.


thanks I will be try to do that.


Me too!! Me too!!! *waving both hands like a maniac *


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A great way to develop your skills would be to create some portfolio work to show off.


thanks for your historical comment. I will be follow this


I will be more and more try to learn and do it.


You are the best supporter in this topic


thanks for your tips