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How can I differentiate myself from others?

Hello everyone, first of all, I wanted to thank you for being reading this, when I am sure you have more important things to do.

I’d like to ask for some methods or techniques you deem useful for an user to differentiate their gig. Why? Well, since I’m offering a translation service, and I’ve seen some many of my kind, I see a bit difficult to start generating an income. I’ve though about some ways I could do it, but I wanted to see what the community here has to say, since it’s the market itself.

Thank you guys again and I hope you’re all having an excellent day! Looking for reading what you have to say. Read you around!


As a fellow translator, I took a look at your gig, and I think that you’re offering too many services within the same gig. In a single gig you have writing, translation, and digital marketing planning. Split them all into different gigs rather than putting them all under the same one.

In addition, put the language you’re translating in the title of the gig. If people are looking specifically for an English-Spanish translator then they’ll click on your gig.

Your single FAQ doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, as it implies you’ll be making mistakes. Try adding more FAQs, just so that you don’t show people that the only question they should have about you is how likely you are to make mistakes.

Edit, because I realized that I didn’t actually say anything about differentiating yourself: I haven’t found any way to do so aside from just doing as much of a bang-up job of translating things as you possibly can. I got my first translation client because he wanted something done that very few other translators could do, despite me not really having a niche or expertise. Be very familiar with the languages you’re translating into and from, and you’ll be ahead of a lot of the competition.


Thank you so much for helping me! I’ll start making it better right now.