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How can I do for this client?

How can I do for this client ? He is just a mad guy I seen. Her Website is just created ,he want to rank top on google with his 8 keywords in just 3 or 4 days,
he warn me that, he will be report on my account. He don’t want to hear my language/
Please help me /
What should i do?
Cancel the project
or any suggestion to rank top in few days with russian keywords

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Canceling sounds like the best idea, based on the little amount of information you’ve provided.


That sounds like every new seller who comes to the Fiverr Forum and asks how to rank their gigs on the first page. :thinking:


Tell him it isn’t possible. It usually takes about a month or longer to see any results - and even then a ranking isn’t guaranteed. Then, if he asks to cancel, contact CS and explain the problem.

Also, if you do not understand Russian, it’s better to not take up projects that involve those keywords.


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Customer Support.