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How can i do SEo for my gig

I want to know how can I do SEO for my gig to get more sales


make sure you write complete descriptions with specific details. I noticed that the more information I wrote out, the more traction I created with orders and requests. But there are more ways to achieve this, I only used this technique which worked for me personally.

Good luck on experimenting!


Make a good suitable title for your gig.That is the first SEO for your gig. The title should be unique and according to the keywords. And do not change or edit the gig title after creation. It will affect your gig.


Check this out:


How will it affect my gig?

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If you gave a gig title first time, that will be your gig URL (check your gig title and gig URL). If you change your title, your URL will not change. So, your URL and title will miss match. That will affect your gig negatively. This is my observation.

Thanks for the tip. It is very useful.

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Thanks for replying!

There are 2 good reasons why I feel people change their gig titles after creating a gig:

  1. They tend to create gigs for a specific growing market; maybe due to season or for targets that would bring enough sale at that point. Afterwards, they change the title to a more general form but similar or same service.

  2. Some users hate sharing long gig url to friends. So they create their gigs with a very very brief title and later on, append some more texts to it.

I find the second quite useless but I don’t think those that change their gig titles, especially with the first reason in mind, had problems later on. I have seen those who found success with it.

If your gig is ranking then you should not make edits to your gig, it will effect the rank, I experimented this. If your gig is not ranking then you should make the changes.

I am telling this from my own experience, there is no hard and fast rule of course.

Yes I totally agree with you.

If your gig ranks well due to some keywords in it and you alter those keywords you’re likely going to drop.

Create right keywords, tags, description, reasonable priced, share on your social networks, give for your friends as a gift. all for beginning.Good luck!