How can I Do SEO on my gigs any tip?


Hii Everyone,
I am new on fiverr and i dont know much about it and read many forum talking about do SEO for your gigs to gain order and attention but what excatly does this SEO is and how can i do that and it is that necessary to do or anything else.

You can check my gigs if i need SEO or not and also some tip on my gigs please…:blush:




Share your gigs in social media that will ranked your gig…


Posting gig links on social media has nothing to do with the ranking of a gig in the Fiverr search results. Fiverr search results are (as far as we can assume) based upon gig ratings and performance, not how well you spam your links on social media sites.

Please do not make up fake advice. Doing so hurts sellers who are trying to learn how Fiverr actually works.


So can you suggest me how can we ranked our gigs by right way… Please !


No I cannot. Fiverr does not tell us all the details and “secrets” about how the Fiverr search system works, because they don’t want sellers – such as yourself – to be able to unfairly manipulate the results in your favor.

If you want to rank well, deliver high quality work, on time, an that earns positive reviews. Don’t try to find ways to manipulate the search results – you’re not going to find any.


Thank you for your informal comment…!


Well, I guess you’re correct. I certainly wasn’t being formal. :neutral_face:


Use your gig title keyword 3 times in your gig description. Save your gig image
with your gig title keyword. This will help your gig show in search result:)


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Sometimes you just have to try something different. You can set up new services. If there are any gigs that you have set up that don’t have any sales or reviews, you can back up (copy and paste) the information some where and delete the gig and create it again. This gigs in a boost of life and places it in the New Arrivals section so that people can see it there. If you had just edited the gig, it would not get that new burst of life. Only do this with gigs that have no sales or reviews.

Try creating a YouTube channel and showing your services using videos and leave the link to your gig on there. Create a LinkedIn account and share your gigs link there. Tell your friends and family. The more people that know about your gig, the better. Don’t give up! More sales will come. You just have to make sure you are doing your best to promote and restructure your business to help make that happen.
Try this it will help you.


Okay thats how its works thank you for sharing with us…:slight_smile:


Yeah i had read this type of thoughts in posts in forum thank for sharing with us have fun…:slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile: