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How can I do the same? Request buyers in Buyers request


If you see in attached screenshot, taken from ‘Buyer Requests’ page - the first line says “I will design a SUPERB logo design” and has 38 offers submitted for it. Now that is not actually a buyer’s request, is it? It is message from a seller who designs logo and requesting buyers to order for it.

This is really cool. Posting just one message and getting 38 requests.

I’m wondering whether how could a seller post it? Is it paid? coz, I tried once to post a similar request as a seller but it wasn’t approved by Fiverr.


As @madmoo I think it shouldn´t be allowed… but also this is a waste of time…

Why do you want to put the “I will” into buyer request???.. You will receive proposals from another users that do the same as you… not from potencial buyers.

The one in the screenshot have 38 request from 38 logo designers that didn´t read the sentence… only click in the 10 first “buyer request”…