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How can i dump my gig top on the categories


hello, i want to show my gig top on the categories. how can i do it, and who can help me? =(( =(( =(( :(( :(( :(( :(( ;:wink: ;:wink: :-w :-w :-w I-) I-) I-)


Reply to @madmoo: thank you darling.

madmoo said: Emoticons


Reply to @kjblynx: thank you lovely :slight_smile:


No way?


You can Promote it on Social Media Sites and get some clicks, views,saves to your GIG. Then Fiverr system will give you a chance hopefully :slight_smile:

good Luck :slight_smile:


Use right key words for tags…try to use tittle words as tag key words…this is a one option for go to top…You can get sales without going to top,share your gig on social networks,specially related groups for your field… :slight_smile: