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How can I earn a good place in the search results?

Hi. The reason I create this theme is because I need your help, since I intend to win a good place in the first search places of my concert.
Is there any method by which I can achieve it?


If you want to be a successful seller here on Fiverr, you are going to need a service other people need, and you are good at providing. You will also need to appeal to your target customers, and work hard to deliver top-quality work, on time, that earns positive reviews.

There are no shortcuts to success. Hard, dedicated, determined, on-going work is required.


One way to rank gigs is to do better Fiverr-search engine optimization of your gigs.

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wow… it’s true, thanks for sharing your opinion with me.

Yes, I’m very clear about that, thanks for your opinion.
Hard work is always well rewarded, I am not afraid of that.,

Hi @jonbaas I see you are a very active member in here for years. But also I wonder why your are still in level one. just curious. Nothing personal :grimacing::grimacing:


I have been all seller levels (except TRS), many different times. Sellers can go up and down in ranking for a variety of factors – including the result of terrible buyers.

Just because a seller gets promoted, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to stay at that level. I have been a successful seller at all three self-attainable levels over the years. And I can say with certainty, you don’t need a certain level to be a successful seller here on Fiverr. :wink:


@jonbaas Does being online 24/7 gives any advantage in ranking?

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That is a good question, I have also asked myself that.

Yes, i can testify to that. Currently i have no levels due to customers wrongly placing orders on my gigs… But i am perfectly doing well. Levels in not a yard stick for successful here on fiver

Yes, to an extent. Been online 24/7 puts on a advantage. cos most buyer narrow down their search to sellers “online” only

No, it does not. Being online ONLY means you are able to respond to messages sooner, if a buyer chooses to contact you. Being online 24/7 will NOT give you any ranking advantage.

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I understand friend! Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

One more thing. Being active on forum helps to get more sales or views on fiverr?

Being active on the forum just gets you activity on the forum.

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Thank you! :blush::blush: