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How can i earn more in a day?


Is there anyone who can suggest me that how can i earn more (get more order) in a day?? Is there any tricks for it? Please tell me.


There are a couple of posts here in this forum that will help you.




Video is a great way to gain more orders. Videos can better explain your service, demonstrate it further (if applicable) and I believe they are promoted more by Fiverr (as they want users to upload videos).

If you are not comfortable appearing on camera, there are numerous alternative ways to creating a video. I wrote a post about this here:

However, I do believe videos with yourself on camera do generate more orders because a user creates a subconscious personal connection with you as a seller. Giving yourself a “Face” for your service is of great benefit to your sales.



dear, i haven’t any digital camera, but my laptop has a web cam, may i use it for make some videos,may it good? another problem is, may i sue screen capture for make videos, is it good way to made a gig descriptions videos?



Of course video is most important factor for increment in your buyer

but you can also promote you Gigs with Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

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I post my stuff on tumblr and twitter and personal Facebook just for some attention, I do t know if I actually got sales from there but I get a lot if likes and reblogs from tumblr and Facebook especially if you hashtag #fiverr

Also the more positive sales you get the more likely you will get a sale

Also if someone replies then reply back and sometimes even give them free stuff


Reply to @twistedweb123: So far I have one video with my gigs. And if I look at my analytics it has not done anything to get more views let alone sales.


Reply to @smokey1871: This may be due to the quality of your video. Writing text on a video for a user to read themselves (with no voiceover), isn’t very engaging and is very similar to just having the user read a gig description.

As I stated above, appearing on video yourself has the best effect


Reply to @twistedweb123: What if your camera/microphone shy? There are sellers that don’t even have a video, not even a non-engaging one, and still do allright.


You can always hire someone on Fiverr to record a voiceover for you (I wouldn’t recommend hiring them to record a video for you).

I’m only going by the Fiverr published stats which stat a video is over 200% more likely to get you a sale.

Some gigs do alright without a video but you cannot really compare them, as you don’t know how well they would do with a video. there are numerous aspects which go into making a gig successful and a video isn’t the “be all end all” but it certainly helps and is a good avenue to test if sales are low. What is there to lose?


Reply to @twistedweb123: Mmmm…ok. Thanks. I’ll take that into consideration.

But non-engaging or not, shouldn’t it at least show up in the searches? Especially if it has a video and you look for ‘with video’?


You can Promote your Gig at Google Adword. Last 2 Months I was Follow this Concept and I was achieved my target of Sales.


I was also promote my Gig at they give me 78 order at 15 Days. Not bad. You can also follow this site.


For the longest time I didn’t have video. Put videos up, had about a 250% increase in sales. Then again, I also at the time learned a LOT more about SEO, so that could have had something to do with it, too.