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How can i Edit my review as a buyer?

I right a wrong review on one seller order completion. now i want to edit review and write a best review. Please help how can i re edit it ??

I think the seller can send you a request to revise your old one.

You can edit your review and rating within 3 days. You’ll get a small “MODIFY YOUR REVIEW” link at the bottom of the order page.

i have no “Modify” option

See this attachment. This option will be available for 3 days only.

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There is no such option that I can find. However I think if your reason for the modification is strong you can discuss with customer service to remove the review then you can write a new one.

this one for seller not for buyer

Sorry - wrong person replied to!

Yes ‘trcapromo’ is right You can not edit until and unless your seller send you request to do so.

It’ll be available for 3 days from the time of when the review was posted. After that the option will disappear.

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Do you mean as a seller? If so, it would be useful for others if you change your title please to:
How Can I Edit My Review As A Seller?’

Thank you in advance! :sunny:

I wrote a review 17 hours ago (as a buyer) and I can’t see that option under the buyer’s review. maybe it is something only for the seller?

May be, available for sellers only! Not sure.

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Changing reviews is available to sellers using the method shown by @bigvee

If a buyer wishes to change a review, they need to contact the seller who can initiate a review change through the resolution centre on the order page.

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than you so much of you all. I resolved it. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its a very very very… great and helpful platform . Thank you so much honor and all others :slight_smile:

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Your screen shot pointing sellers review editing option not buyers.
Please read the heading of this post.

Think the OP meant to say seller, but not 100% sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

what is mean by “Tip Now” for seller ?? what should i to write in this ??