How can I extend delivery time?


One of my ordering is running. The deadline is today. But I need to take 2 or more days to complete it properly. In this situation, how can I extend the delivery time?
Please leave a message if there is any way to overcome my problem.


open a resolution from the order page.


There’s Extend Delivery option in the Resolution Center (Resolve Now on the order page), but the buyer has to accept your request for the new deadline within 48 hours.


Thanks for your reply. But there is no “Extend Delivery” option in my resolve section.


Well if that is the case, best option would be to go with “Other” checkbox you have there.


@nahid21 you have to select “OTHER” and proceed. Explaining you need to extend the delivery.




Thanks :slight_smile:


What happen if buyer won’t accept the resolution within 48 hours?


The deadline doesn’t get extended, and the order is likely to be late.


Thank you so much!
Can you please tell me then do we get a automatic 1 star because the order is late and already passed 48 hours?


Only if the buyers cancels the order.