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How can i extend time of the order

Hello every one
I am so happy that i got new project of designing but the issue is that the buyer send the offer by mistake with basic package and we deal the order with standard package.
Now the time of the order is short and we want to extand the time as he place the order by mistake.
Please guide me that how can we extand the time duration now

Hi Murtaza1994
Where you got the order, go in and send a message you require more days to deliver a quality job. They should understand, request, one day two days, whatever you need. They should be understanding to your request. Have a good day! Gary


On your gig page go to the resolution on the right site of the page, when you click it you will see there option for extending time.


Thank you
But he place the order now

What? You didn’t even talk about the part where the seller has to go to the resolution center in order to request for an extension of the deadline. :stuck_out_tongue:

@murtaza1994 You need to go to the order page and then to the blue button on the top right-hand side which says “Visit the Resolution Center”. There, you can request for an extension of the deadline by selecting the option that says “Extend the delivery time”.

If the buyer selected the wrong gig package (for example, the basic package instead of the standard package), you can also add the difference in price between the 2 gigs to the order by going to the option that says “Modify the order”. You can then select the option for adding an extra to the order where you can select the amount by which you want to increase the current price of the order (which is nothing but the difference in price between the correct gig and the gig that the customer ordered).

Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you for your precious time
ok i am following this

Thank you for your time
Its really help me
Thank you so much as my problem is solved :slight_smile:

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