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How can i featured my gig



I want to featured my gig. But i am unable to do so. Let me know can i do this or this option is available only for Top Rated sellers? Thanks



‘Featured’ label is available for all, but who will get ‘Featured’ label choose Fiverr’s Team :slight_smile:


Featured Gigs are Chosen by Fiverr Team. Making your gig unique, offering good services, adding HQ Video increases your odds of getting gig Featured.

Best of Luck



Hi and welcome!

You’ll need to improve your overall 94% rating and rack up more sales. Your best selling gig has an 88% positive rating.

I would work that gig hard. Tweak it, test it, promote it outside of Fiverr and get more sales and get that rating as close to 100% as possible.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for comments. Hope your tips will help me.


@Simpsiroco - Keep doing good work, keep ratings positive, deliver on-time… and you’ll get noticed by the Fiverr team :slight_smile:


Believe in yourself work hard and be honest with your buyer, you will surly be featured someday.