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How can I find a Christian writer?

I realize that most writers can write on any topic. It would be helpful if I could find a writer who was also of the Christian faith for a greater level of understanding as to my focus. I am certain many writers could do a good job, but understanding my faith would greatly help on conveying our perspective. Any help on this would be appreciated.


This is a difficult one - what you think might be an advantage could actually be a disadvantage given the amount of contrasting/conflicting beliefs there are among Christians. What you believe may be completely at odds with what they are thinking (outside of some basics which almost any writer would be able to write on).
If you go and search Christian Writer you will get plenty of results for that but do be aware it may not fit exactly with your own flavor of Christianity. You may find a writer who prioritizes research and getting a good brief from you may be a better way to go. Who knows, the atheist might write a better article than someone who thinks they know everything about Christianity because they were brought up in it.


Thank you for your response. It is helpful.


I would be delighted to help you, as I have worked on several Christian books :slight_smile:

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