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How can I find a mentor who could guide me?


I am a whiteboard animator. How can I get started with Fiverr? Can someone mentor me? Probably someone who has made it big as a whiteboard animator on Fiverr.


Hello, you might have a hard time finding someone to do that. It’s something we all figure out for ourselves and not many want to teach someone how to compete with themself.

Basically it’s easy. You make a gig and a description of that gig, and see if anyone buys from you.

It is not allowed for anyone to send messages asking for help to other members. This is called spamming and you can get in trouble for it.


Thanks. I will do that for sure.


Hello Abhiskek.

There a lot of good stuff over at



Appreciate your enthusiasm :thumbsup:. Like @misscrystal said this is a High competitive platform. Therefore, best thing is to initiate something from our side without waiting for a mentor. Well, what if we do like this,

  1. You can go to your category(whiteboard animation) and just have a look at the other gigs. By looking at those, you can get a rough idea about what kind of service/products that other sellers offer.

  2. At the same time you can get an idea about the areas that you should improve, such as Gig description, Gig images, Gig Video, etc. Remember we are getting just the ideas only, NOT copying the other sellers gig images or the descriptions.

  3. Also you can improve your subject knowledge about your field. Then you can offer vast range of products & services. There are plenty of tutorials & videos in internet (, so when you have a free time you can learn something new. More knowledge > More confident > more opportunities > More sales :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Let’s give it a try and see :slight_smile:

All the very best!