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How can i find buyer requests


i am unable to find the buyer requests option


Try to active online & also Forum. Thanks


try to always active online


Fiverr has two option view of the profile

  1. Switch to seller
  2. Switch to Buyer .

For checking buyer request you have to - View as seller . and after that on the above top menu you will be able to see "More " and at that menu you will be able to see a drop-down menu . "Buyer Request " Option
Great thanks


@ahashanul5242 @wpdream Please stop giving false advice. Neither of those 2 things helps Fiverr users find the buyer request section on Fiverr.

@ashley_riverra Go to the Fiver’s homepage and click on “Switch to Selling” on the top right-hand side. If, however, it says “Switch to Buying,” you can skip this step.

Then click on “More” and then “Buyer Requests” from the drop-down menu.


Switch to your account as a seller mode then click the “more” form your menu bar then you will get the “Buyer Request” form the drop-down menu.


@bimolete420 thanks for this, I was wondering the same.
I am unable to view any buyer requests even when viewing as seller.
Does this simply mean there are no requests for my particular area (ie someone had entered “fitness plan” or “physio” I would be able to see them as they relate to my gigs?)

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If its showing that - there are no request that mean there are no particular buyer request for us for your relevant task . Thank you


Thanks @bimolete420 made me think perhaps one of my gigs isn’t in the correct subcategory.
Don’t suppose there’s a way of putting notifications on when buyer requests come in or is it just a case of check regularly?


You can edit your gig / set up your gig properly . you can check out same gig on fiverr and then you can fix . Thank you


switch to selling option is not appearing unfortunately


The page is probably zoomed in. Try to zoom out the webpage by holding the Ctrl button (or command button for Mac) down (on your keyboard) and scrolling down using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

The keyboard shortcut to reset the zoom level of a webpage to 100% is:

Ctrl + 0 (Windows) or Command + 0 (on a Mac)


This article might help you understand more about buyer requests and why you may not be seeing very many BRs:

It might just be that the sub-category or type of gig that you offer may not be as popular on Fiverr as say, for example, video animations or logo designs. That could also be the reason why you may not be seeing many BRs.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of doing that (that I know of).


thank you v v much :slight_smile:


Hi @hanshuber16 Good to know. Perhaps a nice feature to have but I suppose it’s it would only benefit a fairly niche category like mine (Fitness/injury articles and plans).
Thanks for your reply and link. :raised_hands:


Or if the zoom isn’t the issue, you may be on the old UI?