How Can I find help?Ghost writer?


I need help telling my story,looking for a ghost writer This is my story, I am 54 years old, left home at the age of 8, but the police would just keep bringing back. Why did I leave? beaten, everyday, My mom and dad would strip me of my close, lay me on the bed, face down, my mom would pull my ankles while my dad sat with his knee on my neck, and they would beat me from the feet all the way up to the top with what ever they had at the time. worked since I was 8 to save money, but my mom spent it all, at the age of 15, with no money, I left to live with my grand parents in Georgia, but that didnt last at all. Since my family was mad at my grand father for trying to drown me some years ago, he always blamed me for it, so one day coming home, not on time but still day light from fishing, he pistol whipped me, in front of new friends I had just made from the move. I moved around from state to state and lived on and off the streets for 10 years. I suffer from mental illness such as bi-polar, placement disorder and PTSD, I have less than a 9th grade education,(now you have to understand,a 4th or 5th grader today is smarter than a 8th or 9th grader back in my day) As I sit here and type this, my family are making me nervous by dropping things, because when I was homeless and often attacked and beat while a sleep, the sounds from behind me, scare the hell out of me still. I was fed sh-- burgers,vomit pasta and harassed by men looking for young guys on the street.I have lived in Japan for 27 years, I have done numerous things to survive in my life, because of the lack of education, it has been mostly some sort of entrepreneur type thing, or just surviving. This place my wife and I started for the Marines and even though its not what she expected she supports me in my dream of feeding people (not the best meal in the world) but better than what I had when I was homeless. The longest I have gone with out food at one time is 13 days, 27 days and only eaten 3 times. My guest know not to order what they cant finish. I always wished for Food,Family&Home when I was homeless, My wife and I and our daughter ( who is now going 18) started when she was 7, built this place little by little for the last 9 years.This is only part of my bio on my FB page.Warren & JJsPlace2.0 Don`t know if you can help,but I am planting seeds everywhere in hopes of finding someone to help me finally BREATH. I just found out last yr on the internet, both of my parents had died months before


Wow! If what all you have said is even partially true and I’m not denying it is, then hats off to you sir. Many people would have broken down much earlier, yet you kept fighting on. Respect.

Now, for a ghost writer, why don’t you check out Fiverr’s writing section. You will find some exceptional talent there which will fullfill your need and budget. I personally don’t have this skill or I would have surely helped. Maybe others can chime in with what to look out for in a good ghost writing gig.

Best of luck and God bless.


Thank you very much, I have already sent some request out, but, I was hoping to draw in someone like yourself with the understanding and passion about my story, instead of trying to find someone in it for the business side more than the understanding wanting to be a part of some thing meaningful to someone else. I understand everything today is surrounded by money, but I believe their are people out there that can do this with me and not for me. Again thanks so much, it is nice here, everyone is supportive and not bashing me like on the other sites.


Truly inspiring (having the ability to fight like you have) I’ve written a few biographies with sensitive subjects such as these. They need to be handled quite delicately and thoughtfully by a seller! The writing and translation is a great place to start your search like he said above, there is exceptional talent among our team of writers!


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