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How Can I find New Buyers and Improve my Gigs?

Hi, I am new to fiverr. Recently I have made 4 sales. After then I can not find any buyers. No one is buying my gigs. I have a good rating. Can someone give me any advice about this. It will help me.
Thank You.

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@siamsayeed1 Before post anything just search on the Fiverr forum. You may find your answer here. If don’t then search on google or YouTube. Because it’s a vast explanation nobody wants to explain here. There are some people who want to help other team mate they posted in Fiverr forum You just need to find out that post.
Thank you :sunny:


Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

All the tips you need to find new buyers are in the above. Take time to read them! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You Boss. It helps me much

Thank U Boss for you kind advice

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Your Most Welcome :blush:

Carry-on your work.I think you get your new order soon…

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I have a question to know? What is buyers request and how to use that?

Check this out:

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Buyer request is a great way to get order. You send to buyer, Similar gig of buyer request description. If buyer choose your gig. You can get new order.

Ok, I have understood. Thank u for your brilliant response time

Welcome & carryon your work.