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How Can I Find The Right Fiverr Seller That Would Suit My Needs Because Most Feedbacks on Fiverr Sellers' Gigs Are Overrated?

Most feedbacks on most Fiverr Sellers’ gigs are Overrated because a lot of seller always ask buyers to give them a positive feedback before the job completes…

So what’s your way of finding the right seller for you and I do not want to be burned after purchasing a gig on Fiverr?

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They’re actually not supposed to do that. That’s viewed as review manipulation.

Generally speaking I’d say look at the longer reviews where people go into detail about how a certain seller helped them. Also check out negative reviews and how the seller responded to them.



Exactly, it is review manipulation but a lot of seller on fiverr got away with it when they asked buyers for a positive feedback…

They get away with it, but the best we can really do is report this behavior (if you’re a buyer) and actually read the TOS and take it to heart (if you’re a seller).

On the other hand, if a seller hasn’t provided good services and they ask for a good review, it might end up backfiring on them anyways. It’s not a good idea from any point of view.



You gave an intelligent response and thanks…

A buyer wants to find a good seller;and a seller wants to get a good buyer too.I am both seller and buyer .My suggestion:
As a buyer,when you contact a potential seller, usually you can send files and your requirement directly before order,then he/she will reply to you .Usually i don’t suggest to send “hi” "are you there now "… waste time!It is not good for both the buyer and seller.
As a buyer,if you publish your job below “buyer requests”,I suggest you to upload your files and requirement directly too,then if a seller can do that,he/she will contact you.But if there is no enough information about the job,most seller maybe ignore that.

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I agree because one cannot trust all the feedbacks on a seller’s gig due to how sellers manipulate feedbacks on fiverr by asking buyers to give them a positive feedback before the gig is over…

I can understand why you would be cautious before making a purchase anywhere new.

You’ve said this twice in this thread - if you’ve encountered this from sellers since you’ve been on Fiverr, please report the sellers who’ve done that to you. Good sellers would never do that - they know it breaks the ToS - simple as that.

I’ve never had a seller ask me to leave feedback before a gig was finished - why would I? I’ve also never had a seller ask for positive feedback at any stage of the buying process.

Good luck with your purchases. :sunny:


yes. before the order is completed,we don’t know if it is good or bad.And sometimes,maybe there is misunderstanding too .

As a buyer,usually i try to send enough information about the job before order,and if the seller says that he needs more information,i will try to explain that in detail until he understands the job.and after that,if he can do that well,i will give positive feedback after order completed automatically.He don’t need to ask for that .Usually don’t start a order directly,because if there is no enough information,the seller cannot do that well in a limited time.and then they won’t satisfy each other,that is not good for buyer and seller.

As a seller,i never ask my customer to give me positive feedback before order.Because i have not known what i need to do,why the customer promise to give positive feedback. But before order,i need to understand the job,and get enough information about the job too.

I have some long term customers,and sometimes there is misunderstanding between us too,but after communicating,usually we can understand each other .

So in my opinion,before order ,communicating is very important !

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Read this and you would see that fiverr sellers do ask buyers for reviews…

Asking for a review isn’t against the ToS - asking for a positive or 5 star review is - it’s quite acceptable (not that I do it) to remind clients to be kind enough to leave a review after the gig is finished and accepted.


Of course (and unfortunately) it happens. But this is circumstantial evidence; it doesn’t mean that the majority of sellers do this.

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Personally I never ask for a review. It’s nice to get one, but after a transaction I just keep the stuff on file for a while and move on with my next project.

It is very easy to find the right seller who fits your needs. It demands some decent communication skills from your site. If the seller you aim to hire can’t express himself very well, begs, sounds pushy or desperate, go and talk with the next candidate. There will be a lot who don’t make it to the next round, I can tell you that.


I doubt if this is very common but I don’t know. I’ve never been asked for positive feedback. I’ve never asked a buyer for positive feedback. I think a seller can get banned for doing this, or get a warning which would cause them to lose a level.

Well Fiverr should use something other than the feedback feature because some Fiverr sellers abuse it…

fiverr is like all sites where you can rate product ! if you are new to this system get use to it you can then find out best fit for you good luck !

RIGHT! ive been scammed bc of that, BIG TIME. , “will return and update. once it works” somethinglike that, those reviews should be taken down. just bc they delivered, dont mean
it worked. And they keep on asking for reviews. i always feel as theyre pushing me, when we’re not even done yet …

do they ever update? or can they?


This is not factual. There is no sign that “most” sellers game the review system. An unfortunate few do so and should be reported and have their accounts terminated. However, it is not correct to blame the majority of sellers for this.


I’m not 100% sure what kind of situation you’re talking about. Technically the duration of an order’s effectiveness should not go beyond the 30 days range, and the buyer shouldn’t be leaving reviews if something hasn’t worked.

I believe they can change their reviews once or twice.

If you’re talking about when the seller delivers a blank order, simply reject the order so that they can’t just ghost you.


That’s true…Its some fiverr sellers that abuse the feedback feature not all…Hopefully fiverr can add features in addition to the feedback feature that would enable buyers like me to find the right seller…