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How can i find user tutorial

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You have an impressive profile, why do you want to get banned from Fiverr?

what? why they banned me? please describe

You sharing personal details on Fiverr/Forum. it’s against Fiverr TOS.

where? did i shared?

In Your Post title :slight_smile:

how can i delete it?

It was marked as spam by the community :slight_smile: it will be deleted automatically in two hours.

can you give me link?

Sorry, what link are you asking? :slight_smile:

that link which i posted…

:smiley: we are discussing on this thread :smiley:

is that good now? please help me

@wp_kid how can i get user tutorial?


@discobot start new user

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where can i type it?

In discobot’s inbox :wink:

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Your really great thanks for your help… man i am new in forum… :slight_smile:

You are welcome. keep exploring the forum :wink:

@wp_kid how can i do reply by email?