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How can i first sell of my gig


How can i improve my gig for first sell ? My service is Background removing ( Photoshop editing ) . This is my gig link.
Please help me.

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try maximum time stay in online and share your gig in social media like twitter for increase your gig visitor.


Hi there, I created a list of ten things you can do to optimize your gig and get sales, here it is:


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Try Social Media For Rank your Gigs.
I’m Share My Profile Also.


Hi there!

The academy’s always a good place to start:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Nice question. this is also my problem. umm i have done many time share my gig on facebook, goole+ linkedin etc. you can share your gig on this site… Thanks


abdullahalmahmu vai thank you for tips but follow this and get just one order by twitter marketing where i just share my gig link …but last 9 day i have no order and what can i do???:disappointed_relieved:


You could visit the links in the posts above - lots of good information! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for tips. Try my best.


Thank you very much for tips.