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How can I fix my Gig

Not getting any views and clicks from the last three months.
Please take a look at my gig
And also comment if there any problem.

looks good to me, do you mean lowered views or 0 views?

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Share your gig in the social media, hope it will increase everything you want @rezzshakil

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Hello rezzshakil

Your gig title, gig description is not seo related. So nobody can find you.
and your gig image is not look so good.
So please improve your gig title, gig description with seo related and your gig description. A gig description is very important to know about your gig. Then the buyer can easily understand you.

You can search in Fiverr email marketing related gig. Then you will research 5 gigs how they created their gig. Get idea from there and make a new gig or edit you gig.



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Hi there, I think you made the gig without any analysis. So you need to know more about this. Thank you

Lower views and no impression

Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for your advice…

Okay. Thank you so much

Thanks for your advice…

Find a more specific keyword for your gig title
How buyers, clients or people think about it or search about it. (Think outside of the box)
Use the same keyword several times in your gig description.
Same keyword in the tag line as well.
Remember you can create 7 different gig.