How can I force the buyer to give a review?


How can I force the buyer to give a review?

I want a way to convince the buyer to give his feedback, because I noticed that some buyers , have not given any feedback yet . Even days after receiving the order.


You can’t force buyers to give you a review :slight_smile:
If you didn’t get it then maybe there’s a reason.

This topic has been discussed multiple times and there’s one thread that was opened just a few days ago. Don’t drag this out again :wink:


Well, you can just kindly ask the buyer to leave a feedback if he was satisfied with the service he received. But you must compulsorily not request for a 5 star review.

But I think it is even against fiverr TOS

Yes, some buyers might not leave a review even after days of order. It may be because they don’t have the time, or better off that the service they received was not up to their expectations.

So you cannot force any buyer into giving you a feedback.


This is a common issue lots of new sellers ask. Just think that it will be bother your buyer if you write him/her for review. It is possible to give you low rating after you write him/her.

Just do your best :smiley:

No rating is better than low rating :slight_smile:


Valid point :slight_smile:
I haven’t given a negative review, but I have refused to leave any review. Fiverr will remind me to give you a review. If you don’t get a review then it’s more likely that your buyer doesn’t want or care to leave you a review. So don’t push his/her buttons or you’ll get a negative review :wink:


You can’t.

Fiverr reminds the buyers to leave a review. Twice. If the buyer still doesn’t want to leave a review, there’s no way to force them. It’s up to them whether they want to leave review or not.


You can’t force anyone to do anything.


No - you must deliver the final work without a watermark - doing anything else is considered to be holding your buyer to ransom and it against the ToS.


never do it
if buyer report you to fiverr,
your account will get banned


well It not like you are asking for CERTAIN kind of review or keeping RANSOM… but I don’t do graphic designing so i wouldn’t be sure… sorry for bad advice :worried:


forcing is not the right option … may a request message request on final delivery … to leave a good review will do it


You can’t ask for a “good” review. You can simply ask that they review your work.


If you’re not sending the final delivery until the order is rated, it’s a ToS violation.


I completely get why some buyers don’t leave reviews. I started out on Fiverr as a buyer, and at first I was one of those buyers :stuck_out_tongue: I was very happy with the work delivered, but I didn’t review, because I’m just not the type of customer who leaves reviews for anything. I don’t fill out surveys, I don’t leave reviews on Amazon. It’s just how I am. As a buyer, I was not here FOR the seller, I was here for ME. I got my book covers and went back to work marketing my fiction. From the buyer perspective, the money that I paid is enough of a reward.
Now that I sell through Fiverr and I understand that leaving feedback is the norm, I always do it. But I think you have to put yourself into the buyer’s shoes. They are not here FOR you. They are here to buy something. They are here to have a problem solved. You can’t put that burden for the success of your gigs on them. They’re just a customer.
I think you have to think of it that way. Your success doesn’t matter to the customer. Getting the product or service that they came here for is what matters, and a lot of them will take their product and leave. If they’re like I was, they won’t even visit the site again until they need to buy something else, so they may not even see any messages asking for review.


I didn’t said that, i said deliver the final delivery only when order is marked complete… There is a big difference in two statements…


When you click on the “Deliver Now” button, you have to send the final delivery. Otherwise the buyer can report you to Customer Support for withholding it, and you could lose your account.


will “nice” work ? :slight_smile:


Sure, i know that :slight_smile:


Just write an template message to be sent with the final delivery. Remind the buyer to finish the order and rate the work :slight_smile:


Send them a copy of “Good Fellas” and “Casino” with a little card that says “Joe Pesci is my brother in law.”