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How can i further improve my gig to get noticed

The title explains the issue i am facing please help me improve my gig and check it out maybe if youre kind enough you could also share it

write long description. Just try to help buyers to understand you and your service.
put a profile picture that shows you in real. and avoid selfe

what is wrong with selfies?

Because selfe dose not reflect your don’t aspect a kid as king.

Does my profile pic looks unprofessional?

I think so because you look young star or pop star who don’t know nothing but singing or showing off others

Ok, so a seller with 0 reviews, 0 sales, who has absolutely no idea about how Fiverr works is giving advice on Profile Pic.
FYI, It’s seller’s personal decision to choose their pic.

Please, let us know what is wrong with selfies?

Btw, I was unaware that I look like a “young star or pop star”

You don’t look much older. Sorry but your comment is ridiculous!

I think there’s nothing wrong with your gig. Your description and title are good. There’s nothing wrong with that. What kind of problem are you facing?

I am not getting any orders ,but maybe i need more time since i started a few days ago

  1. It’s too normal. I’ve created some gigs and I haven’t got orders from them yet. And I’ve created those gigs at least 2 months ago. So, nothing to worry about.

Ensure you are in the right keyword categories for your gigs. Give them some time and if you still don’t have any orders, try changing your keywords (bottom of the description page in creating your gig)

I would add a different profile picture. You have mistakes in your tagline, make sure to correct these.

Rework your profile and gig descriptions. Introduce yourself, talk about your experience and how you can help your clients.

Consider changing your gig titles. What about:

'I will help you with your PC issues" and “I will transcribe your audio within 24 hours”

This post might help

a selfie is a photo you took of yourself. Most modern phones have a timer and you can set it down on a table and step back, take photo. voila.

Thank you for your advice!

@kunker, Important observations and suggestions given above. Try putting them to work. Imagine half a dozen orders coming in within a day. Do you have capacity to deliver them? Would your delivery impress your Buyers? The point I wanna make is that as a newbie don’t be too much in a haste to get noticed or something. Go and hone your skills. Achieve reasonable level of proficiency in your niche. Nothing gets you as much publicity as the quality of your delivery. Let that bother you for now rather than how to window-dress your page - with selfie or without one. If the orders come and you fail to deliver impressively, your Buyers may rate you so poorly and dealing you a blow. When that happens, you’d wish you never came on this platform. . .Just think about these things.