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How can I get 1st Order in Fiverr?

I am new on Fiverr. Can anyone tell me that how can I get 1st order on Fiverr and you can share with me that how you got your 1st order so that I can learn more about Fiverr.
Thanks Everyone


As long as you have a great gig, and something that’s unique, just be patient, you can’t really do anything else, just hope and make good impressions.

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Thanks for your advice.Now, Fiverr is working to update their site.So,I don’t see my gig impressions and i don’t understand my gig position,Also i want to create more gig but i don’t understand it will be the perfect time for my gig create.

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Hi! only with a gig you can not get an order, you just need to follow some step & rules:

  1. Make professional l gigs, must add the details you will offer, and add some beautiful banner with your service details & add video with explaining about your service, you can use explainer animation for that for Reference check my gigs.
  2. Must share your gigs links on social media daily 10 to 15 times.
  3. Try to send buyer request which will available for your profile.


I must try to follow your rules.
Thanks for your valuable tips for me. :heart_eyes:

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Share gig links 10-15 times a day? At most once or twice, other than that, I agree

Different people have different thinking and working system, I only shared what I was done. But more share gets more views of gig most time.

This many times sharing on social media, won’t it count as spam?