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How can i get 3 or 4 orders per day?

How can i get 3 or 4 orders per day?
plz if any helpful suggestion!!


If you’re looking for orders for blog posts etc. then your English must be first class wherever you’re writing - we’re all potential buyers, and we need to be impressed.

You might want to remove the P O R N writing gig - no adult related services are allowed - you’ll find that in the ToS, along with a host of other useful advice. :slightly_smiling_face:


I see that you’re a :pen: writer. I looked at your descriptions, they really didn’t win me over. Put a little bit of effort into selling your product. Adding filler words, fluff and stuff really doesn’t help. Also, rethink the unlimited revision strategy. I highly recommend proofreading your profile and descriptions, and fix the errors.


@writersarena just wait, and increase your skill. Not only 3 or 4 Order But also you can get upto 20 order in a Day. I have Got it 20 Order in a Day :slight_smile:
Happy Fiverr Freelancing :slight_smile:

The key word is “could”. But the truth is, this is unlikely for new sellers. :wink:


I am also thinking that for quite a long time

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thans for your kind words

can yOu help me in the areas you have mentioned?


The best thing to do is hire a proofreader or copywriter to help you with the gig descriptions.
But, wait a minute if you’re a writer. I’m confused why can’t you fix these errors yourself? Remember Buyers could be browsing the forums and reading what you write here could be a turn-off.