How can I get 5 sell in a day?


Hello I am really new at fiverr . I made a simple gig. I do not know how good my gig is. I just opened the gig 1. Is that enough? I wish you favor me .

Can anyone tell me how will I sell my gig 5 times in a days? Or is there anyone here who sells 5 times or more a gig in 1 day .



send buyer request as more as possible.This will help you to sell your gig


Thank you @ummeysafi for your reply . But there there is no active buyer requests .


Don’t start with such high expectations. Think about getting your first order before you think about getting five sales a day.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 500+ Reviews
  • Very Unique Gigs
  • High-Quality Work
  • A massive off-site client base

You should be able to get 5 orders a day with that.


Thats it?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy


Really !!! I send 400 request and get 2 order only $10 MORE OF THAT no request find 23 hour on 24 hour in a day


that’s reality :wink::wink: you have to deal with it :sunglasses:


If you’re sending so many requests and only getting 2 orders, you might want to try and see how you can write a more effective bid.


when buyer get more than 100 request did he have time for reading or viewing portfolio ?


Well, if a buyer’s goal is ultimately to hire someone, they’re going to have to filter for the most effective proposals, which means someone’s bid is getting read. You just have to make sure yours isn’t one of the ones getting tossed out.

I’ve sent 400-ish offers total as well, and within the past 2 months alone of sending maybe one a week on average I’ve gotten 10 clients who left 5-star reviews, some of whom have become repeat clients. If you prove to someone that you understand their needs they will respond accordingly.


may b your gig have some problem…


who knows ?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


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I got mine today. And oh boy they;re so hard :expressionless:


Not sure what this means, but good for you I guess?


hey where are you from


but tell me one thing if there is no any buyer request in the buyer request then what should i do.


hi robert
i’m also a new buyer here on fiver i wanted 6 to 8 months then i got a order now.
i always send buyer request but i dont get any order what can i do my gigs are also good but i’m not geting any order. i got the two order and in first order i got 5 star but the second one is not responding after i delivered him his project. what should i do please suggest me some idea and i didn’t get any buyer request today.