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How Can I get 50 Orders per day?


Hi Top Sellers,
Welcome to this exclusive gig.
Now I am level 2 & I want to go Top Seller or Fiverr Rockstar.
So I need some effective tips for at least 50 orders per day.



I don’t think there’s anybody on here who can tell you how to get 50 orders per day.

Have a search for UPYOUR on the forum - it should help you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


You don’t need 50 orders a day! I have never gotten more than about 12 orders a day when I was at my busiest. Very few people get that many.


All the tips you see here are good for you like sending buyer request, Crowd calling etc.
but you are not ready for 50 orders per day. However if you perform well and promote yourself with communication skills you will get a chance to become top rater seller and then you can receive 50-80 sales easily :slight_smile:


I think if I got 50 orders in one day I’d cry because that means I have 50 orders due in three days haha.

But if you’re focused on achieving that, I would break it into more reasonable milestones so you can measure progress and figure out what is and isn’t working :slight_smile:


It’s just jokes lol.


omg with 50 orders per day you will need at least 4 guys working with you!! :smiley:


how you will complete 50 orders per day ?


well i can finsih max 25 orders per day and im still stop rated seller… :sake:


Its hard, but not impossible. You should get at least 3/4 people working with you.


You have to promote your gig . But honestly its tough to get 50 ordesr in a day.


wooow :frowning: with all the gigSSS you have; you are looking for 50 ORDER per DAY? :fearful: that can kill you in 2 days :joy: please make some provision before asking for such a dream. some dream can put you in a ditch


Considering your ratings, perhaps you should focus on quality, not quantity? And remember to deliver on time!


I use manpower more. It’s simple.


You don’t need 50 order a day to be a TRS. All you have to do is to provide an unmatched service! :slight_smile:


Not sure quite what you mean here?

Your profile picture seems to have changed gender since the last time you posted - does Alexz Johnson know you’re using her image?

UPYOUR is a series of posts from Eoin, a moderator, designed to help sellers to get more orders, promote our gigs etc.


You are Right !
I got an information that If I change profile picture and add a female pic then I will get more orders.
So I applied this tricks for more orders.
But I am not sure about it.


Not any Jokes.
Someone gets more orders per day.


It’s not a trick - it’s being dishonest. Do you really think your buyers will believe you’re Alexz Johnson? :wink:

Please, to help your reputation, remove the famous lady’s image, and just use your own image or a logo. You’ll come across as being far more trustworthy.


Get tons of order cancellations, lose your TRS, and get scammed.

Instant 50 orders per day.