How can i get 90% reviews


I completed first order and buyer give me 87% review. now buyer requests are not being offered to me. fiver says you have to make your profile 90% review. help


Have to say your buyer seems a bit mean - the comment they left and the stars don’t seem to match their experience at all.

I wouldn’t often suggest it, but you can ask for your buyer to change their review.

If you go to the order page, you’ll see the resolution centre - you can ask the buyer to review their feedback there. It may be worth messaging your buyer first to ask if there was anything you could have done to achieve 5 stars and then ask for improved feedback depending on his answer.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you so much bro


You’re very welcome - hope it all works out for you! :sunny:


i can not find resolution center please help.


i can not find resolution center. can i send buyer direct massage.


Top right hand side of the order page. It’s a blue box that you can click - Are you having problems with this order etc.

If you can’t see it, drop Customer Services a line to see if they can help.