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How can i get a new order everyday?

I am not able to get the new orders on daily bases.As i got first order on 4th day of my fiverr profile completion.Now i have not been get any order since 15 days, as i am able to do any data entry job.
Kindly share your kind words which can help me to gain the maximum work out of it.Thank you…


If you’re not getting the kind of orders you want on Fiverr by just sitting and waiting for orders, then the only other thing you can do is work that EARNS orders. What are you doing to reach out to your target customers and tell them about what you do?

Success requires work. What work are you doing to build your success?


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are your friends.

Seek out specific niche Facebook groups, introduce yourself, and interact with the community. Provide advice and offer your services when appropriate. Research twitter tags, follow people, like/retweet their posts, and interact with them.

You need to understand your audience, where to find them, and how to target your services. You won’t find the clients that truly value your work unless you search for them yourself.


One more area you skipped that is Linkedin , there is lot of scope indeed.


thanks a lot for your kind sharing ,
here i am doing data entry job of any sort.The customers are not getting attention towards my gigs,as i have set them on the lowest price of 5 dollars.

Its Very hard but if you have _Unique skills , Unique ideas and also creativity._
Than you also get order.
But that you not _Get only 1 order but also get 100+ order in a day._
Sumit (graphic designer)

Atleast you have got any project but here I am not getting any single order waiting for approx 5 months for a single order


if you are able then you also get Orders but.
Dont worry keep trying.
I am have a new Account of Fiverr because my Old account is Disabled.
So I make new Account.
And we Both Need to do hard work.
thank you