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How can I get a order again?

I am not getting order in 5 days.But I am also contribute to boost my gig in social media platform.

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Hi @wordpress_dulal, keep patience.


Of course.I am waiting to get another order


@wordpress_dulal it can take some time before your GIG ranks within Fiverr, but you’re also not the only one on Fiverr advertising services. Don’t worry too much and start getting your name outthere, advertising your services on the internet, social media etc. I think within a couple of weeks everything will be totally different. You’re also in a highly competitive market, which gives buyers a lot of options to choose from.

Hope you will get order soon. Thank you.

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Yes ,I am following some rules and marketing my fiverr gig to getting order in few days.

Great @wordpress_dulal - just try to advertise with different angles, so you can see what works best for you. Be specific on your target audience, just “telling everyone” is not the right way. Telling the right people is more efficient and better for your conversions. Good luck on that.

Thanks pray for me?and best luck for you