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How can i get a order when my positive rating is less than 90

Due to late order delivery my positive rating is now 86. how can i get order now because i can not send a offer to any one. so this way no one will give me order and my positive rating will not increase. I think Fiverr should give me one chance and allow me to send offer.

The only way you will be able to raise your seller rating to a higher number is by delivering more gigs that result in positive (5-star) gig reviews. And if you can’t respond to buyer requests, then you’ll have to start advertising your gig elsewhere online. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to bring you sales.

Thanks for your replay… But fiverr should give me just one chance to improve my self.

thanks for your reply. now i have 1 order which is in progress… i hope i will get 90% after completion of order.

you are wright just now my positive rating is 88. if i receive full star from 2 buyer then my positive rating will be greater than 90.