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How can I get a seller to sign NDA?

I have a manuscript which needs proofreading so I am thinking of hiring someone on Fiverr to edit it. However, I am afraid that the manuscript be stolen,copied or reused elsewhere so I need to know how Fiverr can protect an intellectual property? Can I get a seller to sign a NDA?

i dont know how to go about that. i would want to do the same. but i do editing, proofreading, and revisions. i can help. i have some gigs on here. id agree to an agreement. im a published writer so i know exactly what you mean

Could make a PDF version of it and get him/her to sign a digital signature on it representing that he agrees not to share the information with anyone. There are plenty of programs online for free that he and you can use to edit PDF files and make it an easy process. Since Fiverr seems to indefinitely store records on orders the record of him sending you the PDF that is signed should be valid enough. Unfortunately in regards to Fiverr, something like this is about the best option you would have.