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How can I get an order?

I have sent 45 buyer requests so far but I have not received the purchase order yet. Now I don’t see any buyer requests here.

I am the new seller how can I get orders.
Someone help me


Search the forums for tips. Make your buyer request offers related to the request, be patient.

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Please, please search and read through the forums. You are one of hundreds of new sellers asking exactly the same question in recent weeks / months / years. The forum is full of advice. By asking the same old question, you are demonstrating that you’re not prepared to invest time in research.

The first thing to do is make sure that your profile description is informative, accurate and appealing to new buyers. And then ensure the same is true of your gigs.

If you have a genuine skill to offer, and you present yourself well, then you are in with a chance of being hired. It’s not guaranteed as the Fiverr marketplace is overcrowded with sellers - many offering the same basic logo making, or writing jobs. I never knew there was such a demand for logos in the world (a clue: there isn’t).

It’s a personal thought, but responding to buyer requests is very unlikely to result in success. You are competing against dozens or hundreds of other people who’ve all responded to exactly the same request. Are you the best qualified? Is your proposal the clearest and most well written? Dare I say it, is yours the cheapest to appeal to buyer greed (believe me, this is NOT the way to be successful on Fiverr)?


Tnx For Your Valuable reply