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How can I get at least one job everyday?

I am working as a SEO specialist and content writer. I have completed my last project almost 17 days ago. Since I have no project. Could anyone suggest me how I can get at least one job everyday. Thank you


If you are talented at SEO, then you can use your SEO skill to attract buyers to your gig thus getting a job a day should be easy.


It takes working smart and some time to get there. I’m a new seller and I also wish to get there. But I understand it does not just happen. Good things take time and effort to come.


Thanks all of you. Thanks for suggestions

Send your responses to maximum buyers requests on daily basis. Attract the buyers with your powerful proposals in response to their job descriptions.

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Do you have examples? :thinking:

Like you find a job for website seo and you want to get this job.
You should write your proposal following some rules.

•Attract the buyer in the starting lines by making him aware that you are right person for this job.
•Then add your portfolio.
•Ask for your requirements for performing that job.

Try to be simple and to the point. So that buyer takes interest.

I’m also a new seller like you. I think as we are new its not practical to assume that we will receive order on a daily basis. We have to promote our gig & attract new buyers through buyer request. patience is the key.