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How can I get at list one order in a day


Hello every one
Can you suggest any trick for getting daily at list one order!!


Hello shubham1198pati if you want to get order then you should to send buyer request daily and promote your gig on social media and blog.
good luck


My suggestion :
Its simple; LET GO OF FIVERR - and think of your business as a brand.
And what do BRAND DO? Go create your own website/blog or social media channel and promote your gig crazy. And if possible; i would recommend that you go for google adwords.
Promote your gig like your life depend upon it!! and there you have it -simple.
And if you don’t want to do blogging or adwords, you can always do YOUTUBE; its free and the best source of organic traffic. Free and effective!!


Great thank you very much


Thank you very much great


You have really said the best of all.
Thanks you.


Why do you wish to do 1 order per day?
Why not 1 order per week at a higher price?


Send buyer request daily and do some gig marketing share as much as you can. Best of luck Dear :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Do you ever read the previous posts?


@uxreview what do you mean which post?


What’s the point of repeating the same stuff over and over again?


Yes, I will try to same thank you very much