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How can I get back my account from Restriction

4 days ago Fiverr give me a notice for verifying my ID. I have a temporary National ID. that’s why I tried to verify with my National id and Selfie, but I failed. Then I contact with ‘‘Fiverr Help and support’’. Fiverr reply to me, do again to verify my ID with my NID. That’s why I again tried to verify with my national ID and Selfie. After 5 attempts Fiverr restricted my account.

What can I get back my account and verify?

Contact CS again about it and explain the issue you’ve had. If you can’t contact them through the site, try through the address. If they can’t enable this account you could ask if you could create a new account and close the other one.


But would the OP not still have the same problem trying to verify their identity even on a new account?

Especially as there are far more steps involved in opening a new account now.


Possibly but Fiverr might say they’ve used up all their tries on this one. If that’s true they may allow a new account and the number tries for verifying ID could then be reset back to 5 or whatever it is. Maybe uploading the ID in the way suggested on one of the forum threads would help (maybe it depends on lighting or image quality etc.).