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How can i get back my rating to make offer on buyer requests

one of buyer bought my gigs without asking either i can do that project or not, and i informed him i can don’t project right now, project got delayed and i got negative ratings now my rating is 89% and i can not make offers on Buyer request, please tell me solution how can i improve my rating back and make offer on buyer requests

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When you can’t work you need to pause your gigs. Since you didn’t do that or cancel the order, you are stuck. The only ways to raise your rating would be to either convince that buyer to change it or to get more 5 star sales and raise your rating score.

You should request a mutual cancelation if you think you cannot complete the task. Always do that before the time runs out. Now the only way for you to get your rating back is by asking the client to change the review. If the review was automatically posted by fiverr (fiverr does that if the buyer cancels due to late order) then you can contact customer support. May be they will help you. The only other way would be to get possitive feedback from your new sales to improve rove your rating. Good luck