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How can i get better job?


I am new in fiverr. i dont know how can i get jobs in fiverr


The best way is by

creating a Gig

… unless you thought people will throw money at you for no reason…


Maybe he doesn’t want to create gigs - maybe he only wants to use the custom offer feature (wait, is that even possible without having a gig?)


When you create a Custom, you need to link it to an existing Gig, so I’m afraid the answer is: no, it’s not possible


sorry i didn’t understand


it looks like you don’t know yet how Fiverr works.

Here are the Terms of Service (they also explain how it all works, plus, you will learn what the rules are, so you don’t accidentally break them):

You may also wish to check out the Academy (read everything in it, it’s useful):

If there are certain things you don’t understand, here’s the Help section:

You can start here:

Good luck!