How can I get big traffic in order to get order?


Do you really think fiverr forum is only way to get what you want? My experience I am sharing my gigs on fiverr forum.Creating forum consistently in order to get order. But i have not got any single buyer through it. I am not top level seller. I want to be on top. But i think one day i will be, I am not disappear , I am still doing. Please share your thoughts!!


You can advertise in ‘My Fiverr gigs’ and you may get the odd sale, but it’s not a reliable method to get sales.

Are you using ‘buyer requests’ or advertising off Fiverr?

BTW - it’s ‘data scraping’ not scrapping. :sunny:


Thank you, yes i Use buyer request. But have not got any result yet.


Your English is pretty good, but it is noticeable that you are not a native English speaker. One thing you can improve is to spell “I” not “i”. (I apologize if I offended you. But you can not improve if you are not aware of what you did incorrectly.)


You can promote and advertise your gigs outside the Fiverr platform (except Adwords). Refer to Fiverr TOS for enlightenment on this.


same problem…


Please let me know which site is better for a promoted gig? I am passing a bad time.


I admire your lofty goal to obtain “big traffic”. Please keep in mind, though, this is not easy to achieve. You’re probably going to have to start marketing and promoting your gig elsewhere for this to happen. Customers aren’t going to place orders from your gigs until you reach out and tell the right people about what you do. Fiverr sellers don’t reach the top without a strategy, a target customer base, and lots and lots of hard work geared toward reaching their goals.

What are YOU doing to reach your goals?


Thank you for the suggestion. :blush:


I am glad you were not offended. I am jealous you can speak two languages. I can not. :frowning:


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:, I am not offended, I really appreciate it.


And I see you now use “I” correctly! :blush: Proud teacher here! (I am a retired teacher.)


Thank you I will try it.:blush:


Its actually not easy starting off on Fiverr, I am still finding it difficult but trust me, with consistency and hard work, You will make it happen someday.


I will let you know definitely, I am searching as I get.


:blush:Well Said, Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought, I am promoting my gigs on different social media platforms, and also creating fiverr forum in order promotion. Please suggest me what i need to do more?


:blush:Thank you, you are nice teacher.


Yes right, just keep it up, don’t be disappointed if you are not getting results. Just keep doing what you doing,You will get result soon. :wink::+1:


I cannot tell you how and where you should be promoting your gigs. This is not my job. Since every seller’s market and customers are different, you are going to have to figure these things out for yourself. Do some experimenting. Figure out what works for you, and go with it.


yeah, I consider that you said, I will try on different experiment for the promotion. I hope I will get positive response. thank you.:grinning: