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How can I get big traffic in order to get order?


From within your Fiverr gig / profile, you have an option to promote your gig(s) to your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc peers : try it.
I am not an active seller at Fiverr, but my (other) business grew organically, by me promoting it through my Facebook, LinkedIn, etc profiles. It may work for some, depending on their respective social media profiles, peers & activities. So, no harm in giving it a try.


I guess, the forum is the most unusual place to get orders from and trying it is a waste of time.


I really appreciate this you said, there is no harm in doing this.but for doing social media promotion you should have a good network. It is main essential part of this We should have network related to our field in order to get success in this. If you have so please share my gigs on your social media it will very helpful.
Thank you:slightly_smiling_face:


Yes but It is good for connectivity and learning new things.:slightly_smiling_face:


Okay please do that, It will be very grateful! :blush:


Actually, you need to do that.


:grinning: yeah all thing in my hand. You are right , Okay How can I promote gigs on your Network even I are in my social media connectivity such linkedIn, facebook, twitter, and other platforms.


On which of my “network” ? Are you referring to my social media profile(s) ? If so, I would not promote it on my social media profile(s). On my social media profiles, I maintain & promote my business (do not confuse this with anything to do with Fiverr). On social media, you need to “grow” your network and do a lot of “organic” networking and then start promoting your stuffs in an “organic” way.
The best thing to do would be to use Google and search for articles such as “promoting your business for free using social media”. It takes a bit of time and regular dedication. If you need faster results then there are lots of paid advertising platforms that you can utilize.

To be honest, yes, it is in your hands. In internet and online marketing, the best way is to research and try things on your own. You will get to learn a lot and use all that for your benefit.


That is right. But remember every social media account had no networks in the beginning. People and companies BUILD the network and even you can. Search Google and read articles about growing your network on social media. There are lots and lots of useful articles.
I knew nothing about advertising on the internet as of 5 years ago. Now I am a sought after search engine advertiser & digital marketer in my city. And guess what ? I have never joined any course to ever learn anything. I had the thirst, the hunger and all what I know is from articles that I read online. I proceeded step by step and that learning never ends, because every platform is evolving everyday.


:slightly_smiling_face:okay I understand what you said, I totally agree with this.
Thanks for giving me good suggestion. I will try all.