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How can I get Buyer request?

Hello good people
Actually I was working at fiverr last year. I have done two projects here and i have 5 star rating in one. Because of some unavoidable reasons i couldn’t continue that time but now i want to continue.But i’m not getting any buyer request even though i have activated my gigs 20 days ago. I can’t apply anywhere, experienced people please help me to overcome this situation. How can i get buyer request or there is any suggestion for me to work again.

Thanks in advance.

This question is asked here almost every day and Fiverr has also released official literature about how this works. Please look it up. The forum isn’t a replacement for research.

If you’d done your research, you would see that you don’t get access to more BRs until you have reached a Level.

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Thanks a lot for your reply ma’am but the problem is if don’t see any BR and can’t work how can i reach in a level. And can you please help me, how can i get project from fiverr. Thanks

You aren’t listening. The reason you can’t see BR is because you aren’t entitled to. I just told you you aren’t allowed to see more of them until you reach a level.

And why are you asking me how to reach a level? All you have to do is Google Fiverr Levels to find that out. We all know how it works because we looked it up. And so can you.

If you don’t even want to do basic research, you won’t succeed here.

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