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How can i get buyers!?


Hi, i’m new to fiverr and i haven"t got any order.

Would please show me a way how can i get at least one order daily.



Hi and welcome!

Start at the top of the post link below and read the first three parts.

Good luck!


hi im also new here on fiverr, just recently registered last month. and i got my first order this month, dont worry you’ll have a gig order soon, just be patient, anyways this is what i did to get my first order. try interacting with the buyers, send them your gig, and send them personal message, as much as possible be generous to them, and create more gigs… hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @voiceoverwork its really helpful.


Thanks @pierfver i will…


hum… i can see you have 3 completed and reviewed orders so you are in a good start.


Thanks @superfunart ,

I hope so.


Is there any tricks to get more buyers??