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How Can I Get Client Satisfaction?

Please Give me Some Unique tips.!

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You can satisfy your clients by delivery top-quality work, on time, that solves their service needs.

  1. Treat every customer as if they were a VIP. Give every customer the same excellent treatment as you would like to receive yourself.
  2. Keep measuring **customer satisfaction.
  3. Know how you should survey your customers – the right way.
  4. Keep an eye on what customers say about you on social media.
  1. Understand their requirements properly, client will trust you more if he/she knows that you understand his requirements, show some samples which are identical to their requirements.

  2. Use proper English and grammar. Bad English is one of the top reason of red signals for client

  3. Show your work sample, these helps them to understand that you are experienced to handle their tasks.

  4. Clear their doubts, many clients will have doubts about related or similar tasks such as if you are designing logo and they have a doubt about tri fold then you can help them by educating about it.

  5. Never use slang, cuss words or bad mouthing about other seller, a big red signal of a unprofessional behaviour.

  6. Deliver what you promised or do not promise what you can’t deliver

  7. Never pressurised to accept a delivery or demand a tip.

  8. Never pressurised for feedback 5 star ratings, let them decide how much happy they are with you service. But you can gently ask them for any improvement while delivering.

  9. Skip suspicious clients or cheap client, usually clients which have a record of order cancellation may cancel with you too, my employer had a client who cancelled web design orders
    from three developers and also cancelled the order with my boss too, left him with a 67% rating, same with ultra cheap clients, they want everything for free.

  10. Communicate your time lines and delivery time clearly and stick to them, no one love late deliveries.

Follow these tips and you will see not only client happiness but your Fiverr profile will rank better too.


A nice list, thanx for such a helpful post.

Tell your buyer to be satisfied. :sunglasses: Jokes apart, good service is the one and only thing that can make your buyer satisfied.

:joy::joy::joy: Mr Buyer please become satisfied

i think this is the best suggession…thank you for your best tips in service life.

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Use - suggestion Not suggession.

@ junayedhossen It should be - satisfaction - Not Satisfiction

Typing Mistake😁